Shear Repair

Sheet Metal Shear Repair Service

ACF millwright Services continues can provide shear blade changes, shear blade flips, install new and sharpened blades or rotate existing blades to an unused edge.

It important to flip and/or change your blades regularly

A blade flip consists of removing the blades from the shear, clean and inspect blades. Reinstall blades if a new edge is available and then our technician will shim, set and adjust blade clearance for maximum quality cuts. technician will also check the shear back gauge and squaring arm for proper alignment.

Service Technicians perform a quick inspection for wear or safety hazards and let you know if there’s anything we see that you may want to address in the future.


Besco Truecut shear

Tennsmith shear

Niagara Shear

Durma shear

Allsteel shear

Pexto shear

Pearson shear

Union Shear

Cincinnati shear

Pacific Shear

Baileigh shear

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